7 Revision Tips to Ace Your Exams

With the hassle of the exams period approaching, all what you have to focus on is revising what you have spent a lot of time studying earlier, while the tasks seem intimidating, NAJAH will help you set some smart revision tactics to help you ease this time of the year.

Have a read below to ace your exams!

Start early and get organized

Spreading out your revision sessions on a particular topic (eg: one-hour sessions over 10 days) is more effective
than spending the same amount of time in one go (ie 10 hours in one day). This method is called “spacing”, which helps because it allows time in between revision sessions to forget and re-learn the material to get stuck in your memory.

After all athletes do not train only the day before their match so why would you!

Go old school

Quizzing is your bestfriend!Testing yourself is one of the most effective ways to improve your ability to recall information, it also helps you check for any gaps in your knowledge.

 Try to always quiz yourself at the end of each revision session.

Ditch your highlighter

Highlighter pens and sticky notes around the room are some of the methods people use to ensure information
stays in their mind, however recent studies have found that picking out individual phrases in florescent yellow, green or pink can hinder revision.

You are then more likely going to focus on one concept at a time and are less likely to integrate the information they're
reading into a larger whole.

So throw those pens away!

Break a sweat

Physical activity is so important, especially during the revisions period as it enhances your mood, relives stress and increase your productivity levels.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, a 30mins jog before your revision will do it all.


Get creative

Spice up your revisions by using a bit of colors and some creativity from your paint class! Drawing colorful learning maps will help you to memories facts and visualize it easier while you are writing that exam…

let your inner child come out!

Get the most out of past papers

Try googling some past papers or ask your teachers for them. That way you will familiarize yourself with the exam technique and get an understanding of questions types.

A lot of examiners do not bother with inventing innovative questions either so leverage that benefit!

Practice the art of note-taking

One of our favorite ways to memories information is by making notes over and over again.

Make sure to listen carefully in your lectures and ask the right questions which will extremely ease the revision process later on.