Beat the exams' stress

A few more weeks to go before you enjoy your beautiful summer holiday, however a few months to go for a new chapter in your life, University!

You must be studying hard to achieve the best results you can, and stress may be your friend at this period, so here are Najah tips to help you overcome the exams stress.

Prioritize your time

This will help you ensure that the important topics are covered first and at the right time.

If you've got more than one exam to tackle, draw out a simple table with dates of each exam and how many topics need to be covered for each. This will give you a clear idea of how much time you need to dedicate for each topic and when you need to get started on your revision, so there won't be any surprises

This is a tough one we know, but it'll do wonders for your stress levels. Checking your Facebook/Instagram etc during your revision period is the worst type of procrastination possible.

In addition to this, many of your friends will be in the same boat, so are likely to be talking a lot about how much they're studying (or not studying), which will increase your stress levels even more… do you really want that?!

It’s always great to have someone who is excellent at the subject that you have trouble in and who you can always go to for any doubts. They don’t have to be your classmates; family members can be a help too!
It's a lot more stressful and difficult to memorize lots of information or comprehend complicated concepts on less than 6 hours of sleep. So make sure to get your Zzzzz…
Being good to yourself during periods of high stress is likely to give you a bit more motivation to work harder, so take small breaks to watch your favorite episode or go out for dinner with a friend to take your mind off things.
It’s important to clear your head before it becomes a jumble of knowledge. Fresh air will really help you achieve that, so walk your dog, have a light jog or even get on your bike for an endorphin rush!