Tips on how to stay organised in school

If you’re in high school, there’s no doubt that you are busy - preparing for exams, applying to university and juggling extracurricular activities can be a lot to keep on top of. Add in the day to day pressures of school, social events and all the milestones you cross as a teenager and you’re swamped!

Fear not, the team at NAJAH have put together a list of simple ways you can get organised! Follow the six tips below to get organised, schedule your time better and keep on top of all your responsibilities.

Step 1 – Get a planner

There are many options for planners, find one that works best for you and keep it updated. Visit your local stationary shop, find a template online and print enough pages to cover the school year or search for a digital option online if your entire life is on your phone/computer! Some digital options we’ve found useful are Trello and Google Calendar.

Keeping your planner updated is imperative to getting organised. Being able to visualise and track all your upcoming tasks and commitments will help you prioritise. 

Organising your work in a planner is a great starting point as this helps you track all your upcoming tasks. However, alongside your planner you should create a to do list every night on what you need to accomplish the following day. Work through the list and cross tasks off as you complete them, add anything that isn’t crossed off as a priority on your list the following day. 

Rewarding yourself is a great way to stay motivated and ensure you complete the tasks on your to do list. For example, if you need to complete three university applications during the weekdays, you can reward yourself by meeting up with friends on the weekend. 

With so much on your plate, some commitments automatically take priority over others. Make sure you stay on top of this and ensure your commitments align with your personal priorities. Schedule specific times for high priority tasks, this helps when you’ve prolonged an assignment or if you tend to procrastinate. This tip will help when you move from school to university and then onto work! 

If you are a procrastinator, then you must follow this tip. Having social media applications on your phone can quickly suck the time out of your day! Scrolling on your newsfeed for a few seconds can very quickly turn into hours wasted watching dog videos! Do yourself a favour and delete the apps from your phone and only check your social media on a computer or tablet. Or use social media as a reward, delete the apps during the week and then reinstall them on the weekends as a treat! 

For high school students, sleeping early is not a top priority, however, ensuring you’re well rested can make a huge difference to your productivity levels. It’s imperative to be well rested if you want to perform to the best of your capability.