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  • Explore academic courses 
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  • Get information about visa processes 
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  • Search for universities
  • Attend live talks
  • Find scholarship opportunities
  • Discover jobs & internships
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Hear from students who have visited NAJAH


"I've heard a lot about NAJAH before but this is the first time I have visited the show. I think it is a great event that gives us new ideas about our future studies. I love the fact that it offers exclusive timings for ladies only, it allows us to tour the stands comfortably and speak to the exhibitors about our interests"

Mahra, Grade 12


"I have always been confused about what I want to study after school and I found it at NAJAH. I want to be a chemical engineer! I will never forget this event because it has helped me find my future path. I am proud that my country hosts a show like this and I will surely recommend it to everyone I know"

Maher, Grade 12


"I have visited the show yesterday and came back again today because I didn't want to miss any stand! I love the show; it is very informative and useful. I am interested in studying abroad and had the chance to learn about broad options at NAJAH. University representatives are very convincing, helpful and welcoming."

Zain, Grade 11


"NAJAH is a perfect event. It enables us to learn about new options we were never aware of before and helps us to be less confused about our next step in education. My parents are the ones who encouraged me to attend the show as they have heard many good things about it. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know."

Melissa, Grade 10